! = Bugfix, + = Feature added, - = Feature removed, ~ = Behaviour changed

3.7.8 (06/05/2022)
+ Back4Sure is now available in simplified Chinese.

3.7.7 (06/07/2020)
! Fixed a bug that deletes the local backup in case the source drive is not mounted.
! Fixed error where in rare cases a warning about canceling a running backup appears, while the backup is already done.

3.7.6 (04/26/2020)
! Fixed a bug that deletes the local backup in case a network share holding the source files is disconnected during the backup process.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.2u.

3.7.5 (02/13/2019)
! Fixed a bug in the copy routines for alternate data streams of folders, that sometimes causes an erroneously set folder date.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.2q.

3.7.4 (05/28/2017)
+ Back4Sure is now also available in Spanish.
~ The compression component of Back4Sure will now backup certain open files just like in uncompressed mode.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.2l.

3.7.3 (11/06/2016)
+ A Romanian and a Dutch translation for Back4Sure was added.

3.7.2 (06/09/2016)
+ A Swedish translation for Back4Sure is available.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.2h.

3.7.1 (06/17/2015)
! Fixed wrong sorting of actions before backup in the German interface.
! Fixed wrong time display of backups that take longer than 24 hours.
+ Added an option to allow copying EFS encrypted files to targets that do not support EFS encryption.
+ Archive passwords may now have up to 99 characters.
+ Back4Sure is now also available in Brazilian Portuguese.

3.7.0 (01/07/2015)
+ Back4Sure now also copies the alternate data streams of folders.
+ The progress bar has a percent display now.
+ The icon in the task bar now shows the backup progress in Windows 7 and higher.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.1j.

3.6.0 (04/23/2014)
! Fixed broken coloring option for partially selected directories.
! Fixed backup did not work if root directory was selected and system directories were excluded from display.
! Fixed broken error message if creating the file association for job files fails.
+ Trying to change the file associations for job files will now correctly ask for admin privileges.
+ Remaining backup time display added.
+ Option for additionally comparing file size if file time is the same.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.1g.

3.5.4 (07/29/2013)
+ A French translation was added.

3.5.3 (06/27/2013)
! Fixed error where archives did not get updated if Back4sure had no write access to its own directory.

3.5.2 (06/15/2013)
! Fixed unreadable error message, if the job file cannot be found on start up.
+ Added instructions to the manual on how to configure the Windows task scheduler for automatically executing a backup job.
+ The manual is now available in PDF format for printing.
~ More consistent behaviour, if the job file is missing during automatic execution.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.1e.

3.5.1 (01/05/2013)
! Defective keyboard shortcuts fixed.
+ An Italian translation is available.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.1c

3.5.0 (11/27/2012)
+ It is now possible to set a postfix for the drive directory.
+ Drive types can be selectively excluded from being shown in the source selection tree.
+ Certain folder types can be excluded from display and backup.
+ A Russian translation is available.

3.4.0 (05/10/2012)
! Sometimes wrong sorting of the log file list fixed.
! Undeletable entries in the recent job list fixed.
+ The copy speed is displayed in the backup dialog and also written to the log file.
+ Additional size information of the backup job is written to the log file.
+ Partially selected directories are easier to recognize now.
+ A fixed directory to look for backup jobs can be specified.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.1b

3.3.0 (08/28/2011)
! Modified job files were not saved if a new job file was chosen from the recent job list.
+ Confirmation dialog for files to be backed up.
+ Files in the confirmation dialog can be sorted by name, size and modification date.
+ Possibility to store relative paths in the recent job list.
+ Display of the freed space during a cleanup run.
+ Crypto algorithm for encrypted Zip archives can be chosen.

3.2.1 (07/22/2011)
! Fixed in rare cases missing first letters in target folder names

3.2.0 (06/11/2011)
! Fixed wrong folder sorting in display of FAT32 drives
+ 64-bit versions of the program are available
+ Automatically check for program updates
+ Allow creation of solid archives
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.0d
~ Update of the 7Zip libraries to version 9.2.0

3.1.2 (01/24/2011)
! Fixed a serious bug that effectively deactivated the cleanup function.

3.1.1 (01/03/2011)
! Fixed some window positioning errors.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.0c.

3.1.0 (12/03/2010)
+ Confirmation dialog for files to delete during a cleanup run.
+ List of recently used jobs in the file menu.
+ Key words can be used in the target definition.
+ Option to send a test mail during mail account setup.

3.0.1 (09/06/2010)
! Crash right after start on some systems with older runtime-dlls fixed.
! Under certain conditions erroneous write protection message under Windows 7 fixed.
~ Update of the OpenSSL libraries to version 1.0.0a.

3.0.0 (08/26/2010)
+ Option to disable the creation of directories named as the the source drives inside the target directory.
+ Individual drives, e.g. floppy drives, may be excluded from the tree view.
+ Actions like running programs or sending a mail with the current log file can be executed before and after a backup run.
+ Backup jobs can have a description now.
+ The list of available log files shows more details of the respective backup run.
+ Directories selected for backup in the tree view can be expanded now with a single button click.

2.0.3 (07/19/2010)
! Fixed error that enforced a full backup if compression was activated and command line options were specified.

2.0.2 (05/16/2010)
! Fixed Runtime Error if a file date was before 1970 or after 3000.

2.0.1 (04/30/2010)
! Name filters with capital letters did not work.
! Hidden or write protected files in the target directory were not updated.
! The status display of the progress dialog did not always show correct values if the backup was very small.

2.0.0 (04/07/2010)
! Source directories which can't be saved due to missing access rights were not reported as backup errors.
+ Unicode support for handling files and directories added.
+ Support for very long paths (up to 32000 characters) added.
+ Compressed backups can be encrypted now.
+ Files may be filtered by their file attributes.
+ The access times and attributes of target folders are set according to the source directories.
+ The progress display is much more detailed and precise.
+ The current log file can be opened right from the progress window.
+ It is now possible to delete log files directly trom the log file list.
+ If Windows doesn't know how to handle log files, the appropriate Windows configuration dialog will appear.
+ Back4Sure can now remember its last window position.
~ A newer version of 7Zip is used.
~ The pause and cancel buttons of the progress window will now react promptly.
- No support for Windows 98 anymore.

1.0.1 (03/08/2010)
! Command line argument for starting the application minimized did not work
+ Option to ignore a two seconds difference between source and target file added
~ The link in the help menu now points to my new homepage

1.0.0 (12/29/2009)
  Initial release