Current Version: 3.7.9 (03/10/2024)

Regular backups are one of the most important and unfortunately one of the most neglected things in the computer universe. Your hard drive may hold zillions of files, quite a few of them, e.g. pictures from your last holidays or your emails, are probably of great importance for you. Just one little malfunction of your hard drive, just one virus, just one accidentally pressed "Are you sure?" confirmation button and all this data is gone, possibly forever.

Okay, enough frightening. All you need is a backup program. And here it is: Back4Sure.


There are some free backup solutions out there and you've possibly already found a solution that fits your needs. Well, if not, you might want to take a look at the program. I gave my best to make it as simple to operate as possible, while still offering some nice extra options for more advanced users. I hope, it suits your taste.